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Our Story

Personal Statement from the Founder

"My personal journey as a dancer profoundly shapes the mission of our platform. I transitioned from performing full time to exploring roles in arts administration, then delving into production and eventually venturing into business ownership. Through these different stages, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of community and the importance of having options and resources to sustain and continue evolving creatively.


This platform is more than a project; it's an extension of my journey—a response to the challenges I faced and celebration of the discoveries found at every stage in a dancer's career. Having experienced the impact of mentorship and the need for ongoing support, DanceConnect is committed to ensure that dancers, no matter where they are in their journey, find a space to thrive, transition, and continue contributing to the rich fabric of this amazing art form. 


A genuine and heartfelt thank you to the incredible dancers sharing their stories, the creative force lending their talents, partners and clients creating opportunities, and the audiences keeping this art form alive. You're the soul of this mission, and I'm genuinely thankful for YOU."


With gratitude,

Dominique Hamilton, CEO/Founder


Dance Connect Worldwide stands as the premier staffing and production house, committed to empowering and uplifting the global dance and creative community. We provide creative, financial, social, and educational support, ensuring that every artist, at every stage of their journey, thrives. Through paid gigs, career expansion opportunities, and a rich educational network, we foster a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that celebrates the diverse talents within our community.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be the central hub for dancers, a vibrant Mecca for networking, shared resources, cross-promotion, and collaboration. We envision a future where every dancer and creative mind not only survives but flourishes. Dance Connect Worldwide is at the forefront, driving positive change by creating a dynamic platform that not only sustains artists financially but also propels them toward new heights in their careers. Our commitment to education and awareness ensures a continuous cycle of growth, innovation, and unity within the artistic realm, enriching the lives of both artists and the communities they serve.


Core Values:

Artistic Excellence: We are dedicated to nurturing and celebrating artistic excellence, providing opportunities that empower every dancer to reach their full creative potential.


Generational Connections: We foster a supportive network that transcends generations and spans the globe,  promoting the exchange of knowledge and inspiration to ensure the continuous growth and enrichment of the dance community.


Equitable Opportunities and Wealth Bridging: We actively address systemic disparities within the dance world, prioritizing funding and opportunities for artists of color. Our commitment is to bridge the wealth gap, creating a more inclusive and financially sustainable dance community.


Compensation Advocacy: Recognizing the intrinsic value of dancers, we champion competitive pay, honoring their worth and contribution to the artistic realm, fostering a culture that values and supports their livelihood.

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